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Illinois Valley Pools of Cardano and Cloud Gurus, LLC have been involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community since our Freshman year of college at Illinois State University. We have seen so many amazing developments over the years, but nothing has got us as excited as the potential of the Cardano network!

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We're Creative

We don’t just look for projects to generate income, we focus on finding new and innovative ways to serve our fellow citizens.

We're Professional

Our engineers and developers are highly trained with a wide variety of experience in both the private and public sectors. From school districts and universities to Fortune 30 compaines, we can work with just about any group of people.

We're committed to our local community

As many of our colleagues have moved on to bigger cities for large salaries and prestigious jobs, we have stayed in Central Illinois where we were born and raised. We teach technology to children, and skydiving and paramotoring to adults. We work hard even in our free time to make our community a fun and inclusive place. Our lead developer currently works for his local K-12 school district, because teaching and enriching the lives of children is much more important than a large salary.

We’re A Technology Design and Consulting Agency.

We have such a wide variety of talent on our team that we can handle a wide variety of work with a diverse set of people and companies.

Network Infrastructure Design and Support

We help youthful talent learn real world skills and expose them to opportunites that prepare them for a great start to any technology related career. Their mentors are able to provide some of the most valuable work to local businesses while

Crypto Services

We provide basic training for companies and their users on blockchain technology and how to use it. Even as simple as jsut accepting crypto as a form of paymet from their customers. We are also able to help people navigate ransomware attacks that involve data being held hostage for a ransom of cryptocurrency.

Add value to our clients' operations

Our consultants know how the most successful area businesses run, and we use this knowledge to improve our clients' safe use of technology.

Friendly, flexible and fun

We are not the type of people who get locked in their ways. We like to explore new and exciting ideas with our clients even when their is a risk involved in change. We respect our clients' ability to make sound decisions for themselves, and we do not force our decisions or ways of thinking onto anybody.

Secure and reliable design

We go beyond industry best practice minimums to secure our enviroment. We use multi-factor authentication to secure all of our vendor accounts, and even for SSH access to our servers. We follow all the server hardening techniques suggested at Cardano.org and CoinCashew.com. We study new vulnerabilities cataloged and described by CISA, and we continuously adjust our security measures to meet today’s needs! (not yesterday’s)

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Our Services

Cardano Stake Pool Operation

We launched our stake pool operations with the IVPC0 pool and our excitement for the project just contiues to grow. The Cardano network has given developers like us, who do not have Silicon Valley reources, to make a differece in the world.

STEM Education

Our developers, themselves, work at local univesities and school districts that our children attend, and we also have spouses and extended family who teach in all of those environments.

Designing diversity and inclusivity into our work

We are a multi-lingual, multi-racial team with a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. We bring that experience with us to work every day to make sure our projects are inclusive at their core, and we strive to recognize and minimize biases (concious and unconcious) in our work.

Website Design

We develop websites for a wide variety of businesses (technology, real estate, sports marketing) and host them on reliable cloud infrastructure. We work with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, both creating new projects and migrating customer’s exisitng sites and apps into the cloud.

Apps Development

We focus our app development on the Cardano network, but we can tackle a wide variety of other projects as well.


We have some of the most experienced network engineers in the area. Our lead developer has worked full time on Illinois State Universities network infrastructure, as well as State Farm’s network perimeter (firewalls, load balancers and advanced DNS servers)

Our Skills

We’re sklled and experienced in a very wide range of technologies and

Our team can manage on premises infrastructure and cloud infrastructure technologies. We support old designs and applications as well as create newer and better solutions. The most rewarding this we do is pass alog our knowledge and skills to the next generation of IT experts. Too often the top performers in our fields have no interest in sharing their good fortune with those around them, but we feel we aren’t doing our job as good citizens if we don’t provide valuable opportunites to teens and oung adults. So we will be using the IVPC stake pools project as a way to provide technical experience as well as much needed funding for local STEM programs. Minorities and women are our main focus, as their representation in the IT field must increase if we want technology to server everyone equally.

  • 01- Blockchain training and developent, and crytocurrency trading and investing

  • 02- Application and Network Design

  • 03- Network and Physical Penetration Testing

  • 04- Remediation of ransomware and other malicious attacks

  • 05- Business Development and Consulting

  • 06- Navigation paths to successful complaince audits that our clients face

Our Works

IVPC Stake Pool Operation

IVPC Stake Pool Operation

Secure and reliable pools that benefit all members

Managed Services for small and medium businesess

Managed Services for small and medium businesess

We support any technology that a small or medium size business needs to operate.

Clock Product

Clock Product

We help financial institutions, medical organizations, and educational systems survive audits. Not just by providing convincing answers to the authorities, but by actually securing and improving our clients' networks.

Web Design

Web Design

We can design just about any kind of site, especially e-commerce shopping sites with SEO Optimization

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Have you ever needed a trusted partner to help you navigate complex negotiations with vendors who you may not know and trust, but who provide a product/service you need? We can be there with you on phone calls and during meetings so that we can translate their lingo into something you understand, and help you determine if their offering really provides as much value as they say it does.

Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach

Not only do we support K-12 and university organizations, but we support extra-curricular STEM education both financially and by teaching lessons, ourselves.

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We love to hear from other teams and projects about what they’re working on how we might be able to collaborate with them. Please email us with any questions or proposals.

Bloomington, Illinois
Email: cardano@cloudgurus.pro